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Essential goat emergency medication kit

I sell a handful of goats throughout the year and new owners invariably ask me what they should have on hand in their goat emergency medical kit - just in case. I highly recommend having one of these, and I ... Read more »

Are you friends with a farmer? Expect the unexpected.

Being friends with a farmer can be quite an experience; to the uninitiated, we farmers are a strange bunch. Don't say I didn't warn you. There may be a surprise birth now and again. Animals are unpredictable and they sometimes ... Read more »

Grammar, punctuation and tone. And bucks.

Just as grammar is important, so is inflection in the written word, in order to convey tone. For example. Rewind four weeks, and you'd have heard me saying, "Nine does! Wow! What are the chances?!" Rewind four hours, and you'd ... Read more »

Welcome to Poppy Creek Farm!

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Hi! Thanks for making your way to our website! We've been offline for a while now while we rebuilt our site and underwent some changes, but we're back now! We have been working hard on our herds of Nigerian Dwarf ... Read more »