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Coonhound paralysis: Part 2

Here is Remus, having his morning fluids in the sun, while April looks on. Three weeks in, Remus's sense of humor is failing him. He is naturally an energentic dog, fond of scuffling with his sister and rolling on the ... Read more »

Coonhound paralysis - part 1

The dog on the left of this sibling snuggle is Remus, my husband's husky x shiba inu mix. He is eight years old, and we have had him for seven of those years. He was a stray on the streets ... Read more »

Mama told me there'd be days like these

Last week was an ass-kicker. It was a perfect storm of drama, hurt and chaos. It was the kind of week that makes me question everything. In fact, it was the perfect example of Why Not Everyone Can Be A ... Read more »

Women in Agriculture and why Shear Madness is to be applauded

I was out feeding the rabbits and idly picking hay out of my fiber bunny's fluff when the email pinged on my phone. It was my sweet friend Sheri Halliday sending a blog over about the new National Geographic show, ... Read more »

Bringing in a Livestock Guardian: my journey to Dog

This is partially true for me - except specifically, I speak English and SPANIEL. The first dog I truly loved was a black and white English Springer Spaniel, what Americans would call Field Bred. She belonged to the son of ... Read more »

10 reasons why not everyone can be a farmer

One It's cold. Want to stay in the house drinking hot chocolate in front of the fire when it's 20 below and blowing snow horizontally? Well, tough. You can't. The animals need hay and fresh (unfrozen) water - which you'll ... Read more »

10 reasons why being a farmer is awesome

One There's so many ways in which I prefer animals to 90% of human beings that I meet. Animals have no agenda, they say what they mean, and they mean what they say. And they have a genuine joy for ... Read more »

Making candles from tallow

When I told my husband that I was going to make four candles from the tallow I had made, he rolled his eyes. See, early on in our marriage I took the time to introduce him to the epic hilarity ... Read more »

The best bone broth

Is it just me or is this winter really draaaagggggginnnngggg oooonnnnnnnnnnn? Yes? I didn't think I was alone in hoping that spring springs sooner rather than later. While we're waiting, and enduring longer-than-usual periods of sub-zero temperatures and winter storm ... Read more »

Why I always do a head count...

I am the happy owner of a 28 year old spotted saddle horse who, despite being somewhat unsound, is still an active member of my herd and can put on quite a burst of speed if the mood takes her. ... Read more »

Rendering Tallow From Beef Fat

That hunk of deliciousness nestled there in my fridge, next to my own personal don't-you-dare-touch-them-they're-mine jar of pickles, is beef fat, fresh from our local butcher. One of the benefits of small town living is that we have access to ... Read more »

Grammar, punctuation and tone. And bucks.

Just as grammar is important, so is inflection in the written word, in order to convey tone. For example. Rewind four weeks, and you'd have heard me saying, "Nine does! Wow! What are the chances?!" Rewind four hours, and you'd ... Read more »

Bartering, recessions and the power of the mighty dollar. Or not.

So anyone who knows me will tell you that I have political opinions, but I don't share them, I don't debate, and I don't get on my soapbox with them. And I most certainly don't post them on Facebook: too ... Read more »

Green eggs and ham

Well, kinda. Bacon, actually. But the point is: YUM! Chickens are finally back laying after the winter. So far it's just the yard birds, nothing from the breeder pens as yet. But it shouldn't be long, and then the brooders ... Read more »

Hatchery chickens vs. Breeder Stock

(Photo courtesy Tinia Creamer, Lucas Farm) When I post ads on Craigslist, eBay or one of the other sites where I advertise available chickens, I always state "No Hatchery Stock". Sometimes, I have people query why that matters, or why ... Read more »

Welcome to Poppy Creek Farm!

alt ratio-1x2

Hi! Thanks for making your way to our website! We've been offline for a while now while we rebuilt our site and underwent some changes, but we're back now! We have been working hard on our herds of Nigerian Dwarf ... Read more »