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Essential goat emergency medication kit

I sell a handful of goats throughout the year and new owners invariably ask me what they should have on hand in their goat emergency medical kit - just in case. I highly recommend having one of these, and I ... Read more »

Are you friends with a farmer? Expect the unexpected.

Being friends with a farmer can be quite an experience; to the uninitiated, we farmers are a strange bunch. Don't say I didn't warn you. There may be a surprise birth now and again. Animals are unpredictable and they sometimes ... Read more »

Tamarac vs. my fences

Every year, around this time, the Nigerian Dwarf girls come into season, and start wagging their tails at the fence, enticing the boys over like furry sirens with a flurry of hormones and seductive baas. And every year, I stand ... Read more »

Colony rabbits: the good, the bad and the ugly

So I had all these idealistic ideas about how my rabbit colony was going to work. I would have my does loose, to play together and groom and be social, and the buck would be kept separate unless breeding, but ... Read more »

My take on "You might be a pregnant farmer if..."

So the other day this crossed my radar, and it made me smile. While I can relate to some of these, I felt I had a little something of my own to add, most slightly more TMI than this list, ... Read more »

Conversation with an alpaca

Today was a big day on Poppy Creek Farm. This morning, when I went out to do morning milking, I found an itty bitty cria, shivering in a puddle of placenta. Standing over it was its slightly bemused Mama, Annalise, ... Read more »

Goats: more than milk! (and they're definitely not sheep)

When people see my Angora goats grazing out in the pasture, all horns and ringlet curls practically down to the ground, their response is invariably, "Oh! Cool sheep! What kind are they?" See, when people think of goats, they either ... Read more »

January 2015 - the winter that hasn't been... yet

As of today, January 18, 2015, I have to declare this 'the winter that hasn't been'. I realize fully that I am tempting fate and that somewhere out there, Karma is spitting up her adult beverage and laughing uproariously, but ... Read more »

Things I have learned about alpacas

one: They have funny little faces and pretty eyes. two: They can be transported in a variety of entertaining ways, and are remarkably obliging about it. For the record, there are four full sized Huacaya alpacas in the back of ... Read more »


According to my stats, 25 days ago, I wrote a blog about the arrival of Fall and how all the goats were suddenly triggered into uncontrollable, fence destroying, face-peeing, doe-chasing rut. There were some other nasty, anatomically improbable things going ... Read more »

Arrival of Fall = Goats in rut!

I love Fall. In no uncertain terms, I love everything about it. I love the way the air smells, I love wood fires in the evening, I love cooler temperatures and a tiny hint of frost in the mornings, I ... Read more »

What is meant to be

There's some stuff gone down this week that most certainly doesn't come under my heading of 'meant to be'. Like the coyote pack attack that left one of my very favorite home bred does dead, and my LGD traumatized. We've ... Read more »

The smell of Fall

It's only the middle of August, but already I feel like I smelled a hint of Fall in the air this morning. While it's not uncommon for daytime temperatures to hit the 90s, the evenings and mornings here have been ... Read more »

Castles in the clouds

Anyone who follows me on Instagram (@poppycreekfarmermama) will know how fond I am of the beautiful sunsets we get here. After living 'in a hole' for over a year, surrounded by trees, I had the distinct feeling I was being ... Read more »

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

And I'm not talking about Christmas. I mean summer, July, right now; the garden is bursting with produce, and my kitchen is permanently around 100F as the canner never stops bubbling away. This year we dedicated 2500sqft to vegetables, and ... Read more »

The Livestock Dog Project

So you may or may not know that I lost my heart dog back in September of last year. It was right after the baby was born, and it knocked the bottom out of my world. I thought I was ... Read more »

Emotional vampires and finding a happy place

So normally I talk about the farm and animals and goats and dogs and chickens and gardens and cheese and milk and other things that I live day to day. But today I want to talk about something different. On ... Read more »

On being an unreliable blogger, and other excuses

Forgive me, for I have been a bad blogger lately. The whole point of a blog is to be vibrant and frequent and up-to-date, and I have been none of those things. In fact, there are blogs that I used ... Read more »

Five important things to consider when planning a garden

It's no secret to those who know me well that I am solar powered. It's not that I hate winter - far from it. I love soup, I love big wooly sweaters, I love reading by the fire, I love ... Read more »

Spring has arrived!

After the winter we have had, I am embracing the arrival of warmer weather with all I've got! Whether it stays or not, it's just too nice not to truly revel in. We're still a few weeks off our official ... Read more »