Things I have learned about alpacas

one: They have funny little faces and pretty eyes.

two: They can be transported in a variety of entertaining ways, and are remarkably obliging about it. For the record, there are four full sized Huacaya alpacas in the back of this F250.

three: They are remarkably good travelers. All four ladies came out of the back of the truck with smiles on their faces, ready to nibble some hay. I know goats who would have been significantly less accommodating, mentioning no names (AHEMkaratAHEM)

four: I already have a favorite. This is Clair, and she's pretty.

five: Alpacas can conjour up a pissed off face like no other creature I've ever seen. This is Tahiti, and she is the proud owner of a significant attitude problem. We're working on it, with the assistance of a bag of apple cookies.

six: Speaking of apple cookies, here are three of the girls, Annalise, Tahiti and Junie, waiting for me to hand out yummies. Shortly after this picture was taken, Annalise gobbled her treat - and then spat at me as I reached past her to hand one to Tahiti. I was picking chewed up cookie out of my right eye for several days.

seven: They have awesomely funny teeth and lips. Their teeth are like a cross between a goat and a bunny, and each side of their upper lips can move independently of each other, kind of like the very end of an elephant's trunk.

eight: They're so sociable! They rolled right into the herd with my Nigis (on a side note, look at how Nell, the white with black markings doe, is standing in the middle of this picture. What a perfect stance! Shame she wouldn't stack like this in the show ring if her life depended on it) and have been dismissive of my horses and their bitchiness. The mares have mostly kept their distance, eyeballing them from afar with their ears pricked so hard they almost touch in the middle, occasionally making crazy snorting noises and trotting circles with their tails stuck straight out.

Two of the girls are bred to this delicious male below, and we are hoping for cria in March, all being well.

Shearing should be in April and I CANNOT WAIT! Yay for more fiber!! Love these girls.