The smell of Fall

It's only the middle of August, but already I feel like I smelled a hint of Fall in the air this morning. While it's not uncommon for daytime temperatures to hit the 90s, the evenings and mornings here have been unseasonally cool.

I can't define what the smell is exactly, it's something fresh and clean and slightly musky, it's something that defines Fall for me, and promises things like Thanksgiving and Christmas and cinnamon and pumpkin spice and evenings by the woodstove.

I wore long pants and a flannel shirt to milk this morning, and I could still feel the chill! I do hope that this isn't a forewarning of a winter to remember; I do so hate carrying buckets of water from the house to the animals when the pipes freeze. The weather predictions indicate that we could have some colder and snowier than average weather, and that just doesn't sound like my idea of fun. Especially when I have does due to kid November through January. Heat lamps all round!

Speaking of things I dislike, this one right here...

... is pretty high on my list. That is one monster of a spider. That spigot is an average sized outdoor one, and the spider is almost the same size. When I saw it scurrying up the wall, mere feet from my bare shoulder, I drove the lawn mover into a fence post. If I lose my bad-ass-farm-chick credentials for admitting that spiders make me shriek like a little girl, then so be it.

After I got done mowing the grass, I took some pictures of the boy's sunflower house. It's been so enjoyable having it right outside the back door this year, even though he's been a little young to enjoy it fully. Next year I bet he'll be all over hiding and playing in it!

Most of this afternoon was taken up with canning hot sauce for my husband. I used to enjoy it too before the little guy came along, but he doesn't like it second hand, so I had to cut it out. It'll be a sad day for me when the boy weans, but the first thing I'll do is dump a half cup of home made cayenne on my home made tomato pasta!

I ended up making double the amount I normally do of the hot sauces, beause my husband consumes it at such a rate that we've usually run out way before the next season's fruits are ready. Fourteen 8oz jars came out of my canner today, and they're looking particularly delicious on my shelves this evening!

It remains to be seen whether he will get through it all by Christmas!