Castles in the clouds

Anyone who follows me on Instagram (@poppycreekfarmermama) will know how fond I am of the beautiful sunsets we get here. After living 'in a hole' for over a year, surrounded by trees, I had the distinct feeling I was being buried alive. To move here and discover the beautiful sunsets that we were treated to several times a week, well, it was simply incredible.

The last week or so has chilly in the mornings - cold enough for the faint whiff of fall to be in the air (in July?!?!) but the afternoons have been hot and humid and decidedly sultry.

As we were heading out one day around midday I noticed these clouds building in the sky. I'm fascinated by weather, probably because my life is so affected by it, day in and day out, and clouds are a big favorite. The way we are positioned up on the mountain, weather rarely creeps up on us. We can see it rolling in from the north from miles away, and generally it looks ferocious, and then simply blows right on by. For that I am very grateful, as storms are nothing to be sniffed at, particularly at this elevation.

The image below was taken some months ago, and a framed copy of this actually hangs in our lounge. Like I said, I love clouds and beautiful weather. And we get more than our fair share of it up here. It never fails to make me feel very, very fortunate.

I took this one today. The sun's rays were peeking out from behind a cloud, clearly visibile, and the sun was highlighting the edges of the cloud from behind.

I felt so inspired, I went back through my image files to find other cloud pictures I'd taken over the months.

Another of the storm clouds rolling in. They make the sky look huge.

And when the storm arrives.....

I just really like the colors in this one.

I love the contrast of the clouds and the vapor trail from the plane passing overhead.

Another beautiful sunset.

I'd love to say the sunrises are just as beautiful and, while I'm sure they are, I couldn't speak from experience. I just haven't gotten up that early in a very long time!