On being an unreliable blogger, and other excuses

Forgive me, for I have been a bad blogger lately. The whole point of a blog is to be vibrant and frequent and up-to-date, and I have been none of those things. In fact, there are blogs that I used to read but abandoned because the writers so rarely add new content and I got bored of waiting...

But come back, y'all! Don't leave me! I am here! Listen to my litany of excuses, and then I will post some baby goat pictures, to make it all better.

See? Here's one to be going on with. All together now.... AWWWW!! Wook at the wittle baby goat!!

This is Toffeepop, so named by an old school friend, Suzanne. I think it just suits her perfectly.

Anyways. She's one of the reasons I have been so absent and neglectful of late.

A rush of babies, which led to bottle babies (which always takes up a crazy amount of time), then there's shearing the fiber goats, brushing out the fiber bunnies and all the usual farm chores.

In the midst of this, I have planted nearly all of the 2500sqft garden we have going in this year, and the first root vegetables are beginning to poke through. I am crazily excited about this first garden at our new farm; we did not have one last year because I was too enormously pregnant to be able to bend to tend it. I was in that "can someone tell me if I still have feet?" stage, and my husband overruled my desire for a garden. I am making up for it this year.

This is Flo. She is the only doe I have ever managed to coax from her Mama, Autumn, who has now earned her retirement. She is an irritatingly hard to contain little baa, but I mostly have her foiled now. I spent several days stalking her and filling in her escape holes, and now I seem to have managed to keep her in the pasture and out of the garden.

My other big news is directly related to one of my main obsessions: yarn. Last month I welcomed my very own flock of Jacob sheep to the farm. I am so excited to have them here with us, and I will be taking more photos to share here later in the week.

The incubator is also turned back on and hatching is in full swing. Bantam mille fleur cochins, Speckled Sussex and Lavender Orpingtons are popping out weekly, and the Buff Orpingtons should begin hatching in the next couple of weeks. I just LOVE hatching season, and I love working on my birds and my breeder flocks. Every year I work to see improvement in the quality of the birds, and bring them a little closer to the APA standard, and this gives me a huge sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. This year my BBS Orpingtons will be getting the tough treatment - I feel some heavy culling in my future!

Finally, another big time drain is Remus. Bless him, he still doesn't have the use of his legs, but he can now lay up, roll over, eat and drink unassisted and bark normally. This is huge progress and our wonderful vet is very happy with him. I cannot wait until he can walk again, as I repeatedly forget to 'bend with my knees' when I pick him up, and tweak my back almost weekly. I'm certain he feels the same!

So thank you for your patience. I promise to be a more reliable blogger. There will be so much going on here over the summer, I cannot wait to share it all.

OH! One more thing. This little guy just arrived... he's going to be our 2014 herd sire. He thinks he's all that... and he's right. Thanks to Beth at The Tucker Farm for this cute picture of him, and huge thanks to Shannon from Yellow Rose Farm for sending him to live with us!