Spring has arrived!

After the winter we have had, I am embracing the arrival of warmer weather with all I've got! Whether it stays or not, it's just too nice not to truly revel in. We're still a few weeks off our official last frost date, and I'm not planning on putting anything more sensitive than greens and root vegetables in my newly tilled garden...

... but all the same, I beside myself with excitement to finally have it dug.

So today I took the little guy for an afternoon walk, as we usually do, to check the fences, look in on the goats that don't always come in at night, and take a wander by the pond to observe the changes in the tadpoles.

There's lots of big fat ones like this, but also a bunch of smaller ones; together they will make up our summertime evening chorus. I'm hoping to get the back porch tidied sufficiently that we can sit out there in the evenings and enjoy the sunsets and grill some steaks.

Speaking of sunsets, this place is a sunset watchers dream. Our old house was, as my husband put it, 'in a holler'. I likened it to being buried alive, and when I found this place, it being right up on top of the hill was perfect for me. I hadn't seen the sun rise or set in way too long. Imagine my happiness when I discovered that scenes like this would be my nightly treat.

Standing out there tonight taking this picture, I was inhaling the incredible smell of the cherry trees that line the driveway and feeling the heavy blanket of winter lift. I am so very solar-powered, and days like today really give me hope that winter is over and spring is settling in to stay.