10 reasons why not everyone can be a farmer

One It's cold. Want to stay in the house drinking hot chocolate in front of the fire when it's 20 below and blowing snow horizontally? Well, tough. You can't. The animals need hay and fresh (unfrozen) water - which you'll have to carry two miserable buckets at a time from the house because the barn pipes are frozen.

Two It's hot. Planning to stay in the air conditioned house when it's 110F out? Tough, you can't. The animals drank all their water and want more, and the two does you missed shaving before it got hot are fainting from heat exhaustion. Get you out there and shear those ladies.

Three It's wet. Planning to escape the driving rain and hide in the house after chores are done? Think again. Look carefully... that's a tree down from the storm the night before, right through the fence that divides your pasture from your neighbors' yard. That'll need moving and the fence fixing before your horses go a-visitin'.

Four Have a party to attend? Not any more you don't! Pull your Carhartts on over your pretty dress and head on out to kid that first freshener who just went into labor. Don't forget your towels!

Five Like your sleep? Ha. Not any more. You need to be up at 6.30am to milk, and that's after the kidding you attended at 3am - which incidentally gave you triplet bucklings from the doe you really wanted a doeling from. Congratulations!

Six Sensitive stomach? Well, that isn't going to work at all. Ever squeezed a bumblefoot out of a chicken's foot? Ever had to reach, elbow deep, into a goat to rearrange her babies because one is stuck? I rest my case.

Seven Got allergies? Oh my. Chicken dander, goat fur, rabbit fur, horse fur, hay, grass seeds, tree pollen... stock up on a lifetime's supply of Claritin and Puffs Plus. You're gonna need it.

Eight Squeamish? At some point, you're going to walk away from a situation splattered in blood, afterbirth or poop. Possibly all three, if it was a busy day. Hopefully, none of it will be yours.

Nine Fond of having manicures, elegantly painted nails and pretty hands? Nails will be broken and hands chapped and scratched within an alarmingly short time. If I make it to Christmas each year without my skin cracked and bleeding, I call it a success.

Ten Scared of needles? If you call the vet every time someone needs a vaccine, vitamin shot or antibiotics, you're going to go broke faster than you can ever imagine. You're going to want to get over that one pretty fast, unless you want to be funding your veterinarian's early retirement in the Bahamas.

For bonus points... I had a visitor to the farm look around and say cheerfully, "Wow, what a lot of work this must be. What do you do when you go on vacation?" Vacation? Huh? What's one of those?
Good luck finding someone you trust with valuable animals, who is willing and has the skills to mind your zoo.