10 reasons why being a farmer is awesome

One There's so many ways in which I prefer animals to 90% of human beings that I meet. Animals have no agenda, they say what they mean, and they mean what they say. And they have a genuine joy for life; imagine a horse kicking up its heels in a new paddock, a Livestock Dog sunning herself on the first warm day of spring, or a baby goat performing gravity defying skippities. It just makes the world a nicer place.

Two Fresh food. Eggs warm from the nest, chilled, raw goat milk in the fridge, vegetables fresh from the garden, cheese and yogurt and ice cream you made yourself. The joy of presenting your family with a meal you made right from scratch.

Three The moment you finish the day's barn chores and just pause on your way back to the house to breathe in the evening air, and the sunset is simply perfect.

Four Newly hatched chicks. Because the whole egg to chick thing never gets old for me. I love incubating and watching chicks hatch. It's a miracle.

Five You never need to go to the gym, because there's so much poop-shovelling and water carrying that you'll have arms and shoulders like a shotputter in no time.

Six Your kids' friends always want to come to your place for play-dates because it's like going to the petting zoo.

Seven You never have to have a case of the Mondays... because weekends cease to exist. Being a farmer is a 24/7 kind of thing.

Eight There's something beautifully serene about sitting in a kidding stall with a doe at 3am, waiting on her babies.

Nine You don't have to sit in an office or a cube or a car watching summer go by... you're right out there in it. I never take this for granted.

Ten The smell of fresh cut hay. Need I say more.