Grammar, punctuation and tone. And bucks.

Just as grammar is important, so is inflection in the written word, in order to convey tone.

For example.

Rewind four weeks, and you'd have heard me saying, "Nine does! Wow! What are the chances?!"

Rewind four hours, and you'd hear me say, as I crouched in the dirt in the barn spattered with blood and afterbirth, with the baby on my back in the Ergo, "Triplet bucks. Wow. What are the chances."

Pretty babies, for sure. And I'm hoping that one is a keeper! My wonderful friend and mentor, Shannon from Yellow Rose Farm is coming to visit to pick up a some goats in a couple weeks, so she will help me decide which to keep as an additional buck.

Of course, the popcorn effect was in full force, along with the ever present 'doe code', so on the following day, when I had an invite to a party I was really looking forward to attending, Jitterbug's daughter, Lindy Hop, decided to go into labor. Her being a first freshener, I cancelled my RSVP to the party and set up in the kitchen rendering fat into tallow to pass the time, with the window open so I could hear when she started pushing.

Around three the action started and she very quickly brought her first little baby into the world - another buck! Seems my run of does is officially over. He's a flashy little guy and will be offered for sale as a pet wether.

One more Nigerian doe left to kid and then we have a small break before the next round starts in late spring / early summer.